Jason Adam Schroeder
My abstractions develop from my subjective experiences of navigating through the chaotic urban landscape. I make drawings and photographs while walking through the city or riding the train, and this material is used for paintings and prints. I am attracted to architecture, machine forms, and other human-made structures, but also textures, stains, litter, graffiti, advertisements, text, and the general accumulation of sensory information that takes place while plotting a course through the city.

In my artwork, I often construct a confused and compressed space, using multiple perspectives, simultaneity and transparency, fragmentation, and layering. Repetition of line, shape, or color creates visual rhythm—a cadence to help organize the chaotic pictorial elements. Sometimes pattern, rule-based mark-making, or the grid provides a structure to organize the disordered layers.

I am interested in order that emerges via accumulation. I want my work to balance tenuously at the tipping point of order and chaos; I want to provide an experience that communicates my excitement and enthusiasm for the city, but it should not always be entirely comfortable.